Benefits Of A Government Boiler Scheme

The government boiler scheme aims at encouraging owners of homes to upgrade their heating as well as hot water systems to one that is more energy efficient. These schemes are intended to enable homeowners to receive a sum of four hundred pounds in the form of cash incentive which can be used for fitting in a new boiler when scrapping the old one.

Most homeowners try to make use of the boiler scheme from the government but largely end up being ignorant about the condition or age of their present boilers. This is a pity because the boiler is the most important installation in their homes. However, in most cases, these boilers are out of warranty period and lose their efficiency, and they also prove to be more expensive to run than new boilers.

Importance of a government boiler scheme:

They provide better temperature control and are cheaper to run and can also be covered by a guarantee from its supplier. Therefore, its use is sure to be more beneficial than sticking with an old boiler. Many days is when the govt encourage homeowners to make use of discount vouchers that give households a chance to make use of discount off a brand new top grade boiler. All that is required to get this discount is to trade in the old lowly rated boiler for an A-rated boiler.

Qualifications for a government boiler scheme:

Eligibility criteria include those receiving Pension Credits, Child/Working Tax Credits, Income Support/Employment Support Allowance or JSA, anyone receiving extra benefits to help people on a low income or no income at all, home with a broken or faulty condensing boiler installed, plus applicants must be a homeowner or private tenant.

The application procedure:

Anyone who wishes to apply for the government boiler scheme needs to provide the details of the boiler, such as the make, model and the approximate age of the appliance, along with some proof of your tax credit or income-related benefits to check your eligibility for the scheme.

Once confirmed, a fully qualified surveyor arranges to inspect the property and carry out the final checks before the granting procession. The replacement boiler installation is then carried out by a Gas Safe registered installer, who is also approved for the government boiler scheme.

After installation of the new condensing gas boiler, individuals and families will start saving money on their energy bills and help to heat their homes more efficiently. A new government boiler scheme is also less likely to break down or require as much maintenance, giving peace of mind and costing less in repairs. Savings are typically around £250 per year for an average home.