Who Benefits From Good Web Design?

In today’s digitized environment websites are playing a very crucial role. In fact, it has become inevitable for businesses to maintain a good standing in the market without taking help of the internet. A website can assist you in the maintenance of a good reputation and its design, features and quality can play a vital role. As an example, I can name Samsung`s website here. Look at the way they are using their website for seducing their existing and prospectus customers. So, In my view, a good web design can always help you in maintaining a healthy existence on the internet. Let us discuss the benefits of having sites with good design.

1) Businesses

Companies regardless of their size or magnitude can enjoy great benefits by going with a great design. I can provide you several opportunities that a business can get by using its site`s design elements in a proper way. However let me keep myself restrained to a few significant benefits like,

-The possibility of setting up online stores
-The use of multimedia to educate prospective customers about their products
-To integrate their websites with their social media accounts
-They can also use their website for providing their customers with live support

2) Colleges & Universities

There was a time when our lives were passing around papers. In educational institutions, management always remains a challenge. Issues like the submission of assignments remained too disturbing for students. As far as professors are concerned they had no other solution to provide their students with the “hard copies”. Today, entire of his stuff has become too simple and efficient as the websites are here. Now, a university or college can facilitate their students in a better way by taking advantage of programming and design elements. Following is a short list of possible things that they can do,

-Online deliverance of lectures
-They can use their website as an online library
-For receiving of fee and other dues through secure websites
-For notifying students for important events

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate industry is quite a challenging one. Well, I believe real estate agents can have several of their issues resolved by using proper web designs elements. The possibility of integrating multimedia within a website is something that makes it perfect for people and businesses working in this industry. Let me list a few of possible benefits that they can enjoy,

-They can exhibit properties they have available for sale or a rental
-The use of add-ons like Google Maps can help their customer in quick spotting of the properties
-The use of web-based marketing opportunities can help RE Agents comprehensively
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8 Web Design Trends That Are Bound To Be Huge In 2016

A web designer should not just design according to the page according to his or her wish. They should keep in mind the reason for web design. It is getting more online traffic. Online traffic refers to website visitors. The web designers aim should be to make it better than another website of the same category. The web design is important for the brand. Website developers and designers need to be clear about graphics. Make sure the visitor does not leave the page after one glimpse.

Video backgrounds

It may be a new thing for many internet users. People are used to seeing just still images when they enter a website. It is going to be huge in 2016. People it because they get a new and better visual experience. It is not that hard to make. You need the basic knowledge of HTML5. Video can have sounds also.

Card based

Card based designs will hit 2016 with a blast. Famous websites are moving to card designs. Card based is a way to view a lot of contents at the same time. It is a fast method as it loads a lot of contents pretty quick.

Responsive web design (RWD)

Responsive Web Design(RWD) is another trend that is going to be huge in 2016 because it has a useful design.

Artwork and drawing

The web design can use different illustrations for displaying. Cartoons are colorful. They make the page look alive. It requires creativity to make attractive designs. Cartoons quickly get the attention of the visitors.

Flat design

Flat web design is getting popular with each day. It does not include any textures, drawings, various effects, lines, colors etc. It is another word for simple. Flat design is one of the powerful web design trends of 2016. A website with a flat design is easy to read.

Interesting typography

Typography is important because they stand independently. They create a good experience for the visitors. There are countless options when it comes to designing like this. If you have the right type, you can make the website a hit. Choice of colors and font are going to attract the visitors.

Mobile designs

Web designers are now focusing on working on mobile devices. It is one of the trends of 2016. If a website is mobile friendly, there are more viewers. People tend to use the smartphones more than their desktop computers or laptops. Mobile phones became more important than desktop computers in the present year.

Few colors

A new trend is having as few colors as possible. Some websites only use two colors like blue and white. Having less color can sometimes be attractive to many visitors.